Men's Sandals

Style : 9040

Colour :Berry

Leather Type : Buffalo (Discontinued)

Style : 9050

Colour : Black

Leather Type : Noble Calf

Style : 2401

Colour : Brown

Leather Type : Noble Calf

Style : 2411

Colour : Navy

Leather Type : Safari

Style : 2511

Colour : Tan

Leather Type : Waxy

a personal touch

The uppers are hand stitched using the finest full grain leather and are available in various colours. Some colours will differ from previous seasons as they are tanned in different batches. Uppers are fitted to each client’s requirements to fit correctly and comfortably. A proper fitting shoe is essential in foot health.

The insole is made from synthetic latex, is non-allergenic and has memory capacity, meaning it retains its cellular structure. It is lined with a breathable micro fibre that absorbs perspiration and avoids skin irritation.

The insoles are completely removable allowing for airing and drying and they are washable.

The outsoles are made with low density Polyurethane making the sole light weight and comfortable without compromising strength and flexibility.